Hannah Bingham

The biggest challenge I faced in setting up my practice was “getting started.”  When I say getting started, I don’t mean obtaining a business license or reserving a domain name.  I mean (1) establishing the beginnings of a network of colleagues and mentors available for professional guidance and (2) laying the groundwork for a systematic client referral machine.

When starting out, I wanted a support system of experienced attorneys I could reach out to with questions about basic law practice management and for advice about how to best serve (and find) clients.  I also wanted to develop a reputation as a lawyer to whom referrals could be made with confidence.

I overcame this obstacle and gained traction in terms of both establishing a supportive network and beginning to receive a steady stream of client referrals by deepening my roots in the community and by talking to everyone I met about my new law firm.  I often found that sharing my enthusiasm about my firm inspired offers of assistance.  It also layed a foundation for new professional relationships with more experienced attorneys.

To deepen my roots, I worked on building relationships in the community I wanted to serve.  For me, this took the form of becoming more civicly engaged and increasing my volunteer activities.  I also went to as many lawyer networking events as I possible (Yes, what they told you in law school is true).  Nurturing both old and new relationships has helped me to build a pipeline of client referrals that continues to keep my firm busy.  While there is still an immense amount of work to do and every days is filled for opportunities for learning, I have truly “gotten started”.


Our firm focuses on employment matters, landlord/tenant disputes, consumer law and general civil litigation. 


The Law Offices of Hannah Bingham are committed to helping bridge the “justice gap” in our community.  We have pushed beyond the model that reserves adequate representation for the wealthy.  We aggressively advocate for each and every one of our clients while offering a comprehensive legal services delivery plan.  In addition to standard fee arrangements, we incorporate a variety of alternative delivery methods including unbundling and modified fee structures to accommodate more affordable legal services.  In some cases, we make use of a sliding fee scale, determining payment by income and family size. 



Hannah Bingham came to the law from a career in public service. She worked as a Legislative Aide and Community Liaison in the Hawaii State House of Representatives and served as a campaign finance and legal compliance consultant for multiple Congressional races. In 2008, Ms. Bingham received the Distinguished Service Award from the San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program. In 2009, she was honored with the Wiley W. Manuel Award for Pro Bono Legal Services from the State Bar of California. 


Jeremy Evans

Jeremy Evans is the Managing Attorney/Owner of CSLlegal.  Jeremy is licensed to practice law before all state courts in the State of California. Jeremy attended the University of California, Los Angeles (“UCLA”), where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, emphasis in American Politics.  He attended Law School in San Diego, CA, at Thomas Jefferson School of law, where he served as the President of the Student Bar Association, and Editor-in-Chief of the student newspaper, The Jeffersonian.

While in law school, Jeremy competed three times in the National Baseball Arbitration Competition (“NBAC”) held in New Orleans, LA, and currently manages the Thomas Jefferson School of Law competition team, which won the 2012 NBAC Championship.  Jeremy is also the creator and director of the National Sports Law Negotiation Competition (“NSLNC”), hosted by the Center for Sports Law & Policy at Thomas Jefferson School of Law.  In 2012, Jeremy was elected Board of Directors for the Alumni Association of Thomas Jefferson School of Law, where he serves on these committees: Bylaw (Chair), Alumni Outreach (Chair), Padres and Annual Alumni & Friends Golf Tournament benefiting the Veterans Legal Assistance Program.

Jeremy has extensive experience with the courts and criminal justice system in the course of 1700 hours of volunteer work with the San Diego County Public Defender and several private civil and criminal practitioners.  He also worked as a graduate law clerk and Attorney with the Superior Court of California, County of San Diego, Central Division, advising judges and commissioners in civil and criminal law and motion, and many more areas of the law.

Jeremy was elected to the New Lawyer’s Division Board of the San Diego County Bar Association in 2012, and is the co-chair of the CLE committee. He is also on the Editorial Staff and is a writer for the San Diego Lawyer Magazine.

Jeremy is a Member of the State Bar of California in good standing. Jeremy is also a member of the American Bar Association (“ABA”), San Diego County Bar Association (“SDCBA”), North County Bar Association (“NCBA”), Criminal Defense Bar Association (“CDBA”), and the San Diego Entertainment & Sports Lawyers (“SDESL”). “CSLlegal,” or ‘Criminal Defense and Sports Law Legal’ was created by owner and principal, Jeremy Evans, to guide, protect, and defend those with legal or professional representation needs in the areas of criminal defense and/or sports law.

The biggest challenge faced in opening your own practice is the decision to open your own practice. Once that decision is made, and you decide to move forward confidently in making that decision, everything pales in comparison.  Going out of your own might be lonely, difficult, and frustrating at times, but is, in the end, the most rewarding and peaceful.

Jeremy can be reached at:  His website is: